Prepping for Summer

Craving a European Summers day, but lacking Europe? Got you covered!

It gets to that time of the year where the feed is inundated with dreamy European content.

I feel inspired for a while, but then I just get this impulsive urge to book a flight to Italy, Greece, Spain…you name it. Realistically this isn’t always achievable. This day I was feeling tired, uninspired, unmotivated and as though something was not right. Its ok to have these days, sometimes even weeks/ months. I have found the best thing to do when feeling this way is to stop, take some time to think and feel, what are small things that make you feel happy? Even just surface level things. Everyone is different, but for me it is the ocean, books, drawing and music (I will put on some MJ, Chic, Bowie, The Beatles etc. Sometimes I prefer old Spanish and French playlists…depending on my mood).

Then make the effort to drop what you are doing (or think you should be doing), to do these small things that give you enjoyment. They tend to spur new inspiration and motivation or they may just give you some new perspective and hit the refresh button, to inject new energy into your day/ week/ month.

This day I put on a pair of my favourite tie up espadrilles from Maravilhosa Boutique, My Peony Fullpiece, Laluna Rose and Monsiuer Blonde gold jewels and Scarf. I grabbed my crystal glass that I picked up from the second hand store for $6 (BarGain!!), a bottle of water and a book called Ikigai by Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles. I then took myself to the back of Rainbow Bay to a beach called Froggies…nothing like Europe, but I wedged myself in-between textured rocks, facing the ocean to spend some time in Emily world and play make-believe. I did this as a child and why stop as an adult. Its ok to seperate ourselves from real life occasionally…. reality is what we make it.…what makes us happy in that instance.

I played my playlist and read about the Ikigai way of living. Here are some of the tips I took for living a long and happy life, taken from the eldest people in the world that live in the Five Blue Zones:

  1. Steady natural movement each day. Not over exherting yourself but doing things such as gardening, walks while on the phone, cycling to the shops etc.

  2. Knowing your purpose, the reasons you enjoy waking up each day.

  3. Relax! Ways you can de-stress each day whether its napping, reading, happy hour at the local (my personal fave).

  4. 80% rule, which revolves around only filling your belly to around 80% to assist digestion (I get this but I also am not sure how you measure that…).

  5. Less meat. They eat many beans!

  6. Drink a glass or two of wine per day (this is actually my fave).

  7. Have faith. Believing that things will be how they need to be and trusting in something larger than ourselves. I really love this one too. It does not mean you have to be apart of a religion as such, but that it is re-assuring to believe in a greater power and trusting that if you live within your morals and values that things will work out. Centernarians (name of the eldest people in the world) attend rituals/ services four times a month.

  8. Love. They put family first and commit to their partners and parents through old age.

  9. Supportive systems. They treat strangers as fiends and build warm environments.

My friend Jellan then came and met me and we spoke all things film and took some snaps.

Photographs by Jellan

Processing: @Shibuifilm

Styling and Creative direction: Yours Truly @emmgurr

Swimwear: @Peonyswimwear from @Tuchuzystore

Gold Jewels: @Monsieurblonde_ & @lalunarosedesign

Scarf: @lalunrosedesign

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